Sunday, April 25, 2010

Transmissions are expensive

Warner T15 Transmission GearsImage by vtengr4047 via Flickr
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You know the stereotype.  People who are in debt are that way because they are irresponsible and do things like buy expensive sports cars on credit. Right?

Right. My "expensive sports car" is a 10-year old Ford minivan. And the transmission needed to be replaced this week. $2300, thank you very much.

I got a lot of advice from people who don't know about my dire financial situation. Don't put money into the old car, they say. Suck it up and get a new car.

Not gonna happen. I still have another year to pay on our other car. The mileage on this beast is only 62.5K. We've had very few repairs so far.

So we fixed it. Sigh. BTW, in the course of the investigations this week, I learned that it is typical for Ford transmissions to go at 50K.

How'd we pay for it?  $1000 from the checking account. Guess it will be ramen for the next two weeks. $1300 on the credit card.

Yeah, I really splurge, don't I?

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