Monday, January 5, 2009

The Dance of Refunds and Returns

A Bed Bath and Beyond store in Oxnard, California.Image via WikipediaMaybe it's just me, but this holiday season, we had a lot of gifts that need to be returned. Sure there were a couple of things that didn't fit or were duplicates, but I'm talking about stuff that just didn't work right.

Broken stuff included these gifts:

* A $70 electric guitar from KB Toys. The amp hums loudly and it doesn't play like any guitar I've ever heard. I'm filing complaints for this one, but the store is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and maintains that All Sales Final means "we can sell you any old carp and take your money and you can't do anything about it." We shall see about that.

* A $55 girl's parka from Kohls. The zipper broke on wearing #2.

* A $30 used DS Lite game from GameStop that doesn't work.

* A $5 butane lighter (like for a grill, not for a cigarette!) from Bed Bath & Beyond that just plain doesn't light.

So maybe this is just a case of "you get what you pay for." But I really didn't. And I aim to. We don't have $160 to just throw away.

Off to the dance hall.

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