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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Cards

Wow. Thanksgiving is here. Time to get those holiday card orders in.

I may be old fashioned, but I'm not yet ready to send electronic-only greetings. Nor am I a big fan of the postcard style family photo with just room to scrawl "Happy Holidays!"

Nope, I like a nice, generously sized folded card. I never write real letters anymore except at holiday time.

Here's how I save money. For casual acquaintances and business associates, I send cards that I picked up at a steep discount at the previous year's post-holiday sales.

For personal friends I have used Vista Print for the last couple of years and have been satisfied with their templates, their flexibility, and their speed, as I always seem to be doing this at the last minute. If you don't fall for all the add-ons, they can give quite a good price, especially with their "10 free cards" offers. (Full disclosure--I am part of the Vista Print affiliate program, but only because I have used them and am satisfied with their product and service.) If you want to give it a try, This link will give you 30% to 60% off holiday products.

I have previously had cards printed at FedEx Kinkos, but they are more expensive and less skilled. Plus they didn't have a way to eliminate their own logo on my expensive cards, which I thought was kind of tacky. That may have changed as I haven't used them for awhile.

In both cases, you can design your cards online. With FedEx Kinkos, you can also go into a participating store to order the cards if you like talking to a real face.

10 FREE Holiday Products from VistaPrint!

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