Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Polly Thanks You for Your Generosity

You helped me get through this. How?

You contributed to your church, so that children like mine could be in the choir, could participate in religious education classes. You volunteered your time as a teacher.

You made a donation to the Girl Scouts, so my girls like Prissy could go to camp.

You donated to the financial aid fund at your community music school so boys like Paul could learn to play the guitar and girls like Prissy could continue to study piano.

You wrote a check to your local children's theater so that girls like Prissy could have a part in a play or a musical.

You answered the call of your local PTA so that kids like mine could go on a field trip to a local museum and could attend a performance at a community theater.

You volunteered as a Girl Scout leader, so girls like my daughter could climb a wall, or ride a horse, or learn to knit, or collect money for a food bank.

You and your kids shoveled your neighbor's walk because they were busy and overwhelmed and you wanted to be nice.

You coached a soccer team so kids like Prissy and Paul could get some exercise and learn how to be a teammate.

You were able to parent help while parents like me and Mr. Poorhouse had to be at work so that teachers in the classroom could get some extra help.

You contributed to your local conservatory so that kids like my daughter could attend a music camp.

You volunteered at a service society's fund raising fair so they could fund a program for middle school girls that helps to prevent sexual abuse.

Thank you so much. I hope someday we can pay it forward. We couldn't have done it without you.

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