Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kid skiing--such a deal

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Mr. Poorhouse and I don't ski anymore. As a matter of fact, the last time we went skiing was the weekend Prissy was, er, made. But we live in an area of the country where skiing is sort of part of the literacy. (That and skating.) But we're too old and fat to take the kids. I'm seriously afraid of falling and breaking something I might need. Mr. Poorhouse never did care for it.

Enter the Girl Scouts. For a price that's cheaper than what we would pay for lift tickets, they have a camp that includes lessons, equipment, and of course, overnight fun. And, they have financial aid, which brings the cost to less than the day camp we would have had to pay during her school vacation. (Although since it is an overnight camp, the cost is not reimbursable from our dependent care FSA.)

Prissy is there now.  She's supposed to have two full days of downhill skiing plus another day of cross-country and snowshoeing. Of course, I'm having some pangs. Is my baby really old enough for her own ski vacation?  Apparently so.

Do your kids ski?  It's an expensive sport. Any tips for holding down costs?
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