Tuesday, May 4, 2010


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Meeting the mortgage payment is a tricky proposition chez Poorhouse.  I have an automatic payment set in my online banking system. But since the mortgage is due monthly and the paychecks are bi-weekly, and since the mortgage payment is more than my paycheck net, I often have to make adjustments. The good news is I have a 15 day grace period, and things are better so that I'm often paying the mortgage before that grace period expires.

The bad news is that my online banking system goes into "processing" mode a few days before the payment is scheduled, so if I forget to go in far enough in advance when I have a bad month (like when I have to fork out an extra $2300 for car repairs-grrr), and change the date, it's too late to make a change, and everything goes boing boing.

And my bank is not stupid.  They boing the biggest check first, so that all the other little payments will also bounce. At $39 a pop.

It never ever ends.
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