Saturday, May 8, 2010

Middle school clubs are such a deal

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I don't know why it is that middle schoolers, at least the kids at Prissy's school, have such a great choice of afterschool clubs that cost, well, nothing. All the activities for younger kids--drama, soccer, music--are really expensiver around here.

But Prissy participates in the engineering club, the knitting club, the photography club, and the drama club every day for an hour or so after school, at no charge to us.

And, on days when there are no clubs scheduled, she can safely hang out at the youth center, conveniently located in  her school building. The cost of that is just $40 a year.

Maybe this is a slight compensation for the fact that childcare for kids over 13 is not tax deductible.

I know the school gets a private grant to pay advisors for the clubs.

As an example of what a great deal we are getting, Prissy was in a play last night. The last play she was in cost $150 to participate, plus "optional expenses" like the gala tickets, performance tickets, basic costume wardrobe, the DVD of the performance, etc. etc. etc. While we got a grant for half the participation cost, the extras add up big time.

But last night's place cost nothing. No participation fee. No white tights and black shoes to purchase.  No tickets to buy. No DVD. No raffle to contribute to. Nothing. Nada.

Such a deal.

And, there were only 12 people in the play, they all had speaking roles, and they all got way more experience than they would have in a larger production.

I haven't got anything against larger productions. But the drama club is such a deal.
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