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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I think I may be something of a culinary genious

Fiddlehead FernsImage by lastmodified via Flickr
Or so said Bridget Jones. Our slow cooker is still getting a workout, though we are getting a little tired of the pot roast/stew and root veggies combo.  Last week we had a pot roast and Mr. Poorhouse's famous mushroom gravy.

But the genius came the next day when I sauteed some shallots, added leftover thin sliced pot roast, leftover mushroom gravy, a bit of light sour cream, and voila, had a quick beef stroganoff. We served it over whole wheat noodles and with my favorite spring treat--sauteed fiddlehead ferns (in more shallots and garlic.) Hmmm.
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