Sunday, October 19, 2008

TV Unbound Catching On

Came across this article that expands on my earlier post about saving money by unbinding your TV from cable or satellite. Since then, we have watched all the presidential (and VP) debates on TV. Almost all of "our" shows are available legitimately. (That means not through pirated sources.)

I think it's important to support only legitimate entertainment suppliers. Once the networks and other content owners see the number of people enjoying the streaming videos (and yes, watching the ads) they will be less hesitant about putting them up. Plus, the other way is, you know, not, um, legal.

It's catching on among bloggers too. See how Prime Time Money is saving $75 a month.

Photo by Linus Bohman

Since this post was published we've changed our strategy for saving on TV service Find out how here.

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